Technical support staff
Technology Department


1. Responsible for pre-sale and after-sale technical support of company products;

2. Responsible for the daily technical services and clinical testing of the cooperative hospital;

3. Promote the standardization of molecular testing and assist regional customers to successfully complete inter-room quality control, laboratory quality evaluation and other activities;

4. Responsible for the collection of test information and related competitive product information;

5. Responsible for the maintenance of customer relations in the area;

6. Responsible for product knowledge training;

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in majors related to biotechnology or medical testing;

2. Those skilled in PCR, first-generation sequencing, second-generation sequencing and other technologies are preferred;

3. Possess good interpersonal communication skills and teamwork spirit, proactive, passionate and responsible;

4. Possess strong communication and service awareness, able to assist the supervisor to maintain customer relations.

Bioinformatics engineer
Bioinformatics Department


1. Set up the framework, process and specification of the bioinformatics analysis, optimize the existing bioinformatics analysis process, improve the operating efficiency of gene mutation detection (annotation) process, and improve the standardization and automation of bioinformatics analysis process;

2. Responsible for designing and developing bioinformatics database, collecting, screening, sorting, analyzing and mining data, including analysis of gene mutation and expression, mutation annotation;

3. Work closely with the R&D team to participate in the new product development;

4. Perform biological interpretation of data results and provide technical support to the project execution team;

5. Track the frontier trends, propose new technical directions, and complete the development of new technological processes.

Job requirements:

1. Major in bioinformatics, computer science, mathematics, molecular biology, medicine, genetics, etc.;

2. Master degree or above, more than 2 years’experience in high-throughput sequencing data analysis;

3. Familiar with bioinformatics and biostatistics, familiar with bioinformatics database website of university, proficient in Unix or Linux system, proficient in programming languages such as Perl, Python or C/C++, Java, familiar with R language;

4. Good English reading and writing skills;

5. Experience in leading a bioinformatics team is preferred;

6. Experience in product development is preferred;

7. Representative academic articles and patents are preferred;

8. Strong logical thinking, leadership and teamwork.